The system of decision support and situation analysis ICEBERG® functions successfully over 12 years. It has obvious advantages over similar products, and it is designated for comprehensive solving a wide range of information and analytical problems for companies and banks.

ICEBERG® system  is multiservice one and it can be used for situation analysis in economic, social, political and other areas of activities of business structures, state and commercial organizations and institutions, parties, political movements, politicians and others with the purpose of decision preparation, making and support.


Content management of the system continues since 2000.

The system contains over 25 registers and over 4, 000 mass media resources

Why us?

All links of a company or businessman are easily tracked in one window, i.e. no need to make multiple inquiries or refer to several resources.

While working in the system, one can build multilayer “link trees” of the or businessman – open links between related parties and companies without limitations on link layers; “closed” links (currently inactive) will be also seen. Along with that one gets the opportunity of fact-based analysis of business standing, political views of a businessman, politician and more over the last 15 years.

The system allows you seeing not directly linked affiliated structures and hidden business or political links of a company or businessman up to the 9th level in the mode of displaying “indirect” links just in few minutes.

ICEBERG® system can be integrated in the information system of a company, or, optionally, ready-made databases can be embedded into the system.

The system will allow you to:

  • Check business standing of a counter-agent or borrower.
  • Check potential tender participants – related parties or companies.
  • Search for a prospective customer/partner meeting your criteria.
  • Monitor public figures.
  • Search for and analysis of hidden links and achieve other information and analytical tasks.

At present users of ICEBERG® system are subdivisions (departments) of companies and banks:

  • risk management
  • crediting
  • compliance
  • security
  • legal
  • marketing