Assessment of the economic status of partners

This decision support system ensures assessment of events and persons involved according to the most acute and topical problems, forecasting the development of the situation with the aim of estimation of level of non-conforming events, performance of multifunctional modeling that allows to evaluate the possibility of purposeful change of the degree of risk of decisions impact, generation of data and documents for decision support, assessment of different prospects of changes in the situation, its tension, rapid assessment of different scenarios, stability or criticality of the situation and the ways of its normalization, comprehensive analyses of the impact and interdependence of economic and political factors, assessment of the degree of risk of interaction with the main participants of events.

Initial assessment and current control of economic status of major business partners and contractors of the organization (assessment of financial solvency, control over the execution of contracts, search for ways of debts repayment).

Assessment of reliability and financial stability of banks and other categories of partners of organizations.