Identification of direct and indirect object relations

“Iceberg” system makes it possible to:

Perform accumulation and systematization of internal and external information:

  • on individuals and legal entities, as well as events related to the financial and economic, social, image-building, political and other interests;
  • on the structure and activity of various institutions and organizations, political parties and movements, regional and sectoral markets, etc.;
  • on the links between different information objects (persons, organizations, events, regions, etc.);
  • on the dynamics of development of the situation in various industries in domestic and international markets;
  • on all meetings, contacts, negotiations and other events relating to the activities of the organization;
  • analysis of investment proposals of the organization (investor relations, his dependence on major strategic investors, partnerships, cross relations with other shareholders, goals and strategy of the investor, whose interests he represents, assessment of the profitability of the investment project and the risk of external dependence of the organization);
  • search for direct and indirect relations of a particular object (problems, documents, companies, persons, group of persons) in the infrastructure of the organization, as well as examination of data on the protection of the relevant information channels by means of administrative, organizational and special measures, ability to view the history of development of the object and its relations.