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Кібербезпека України. ПолітикаUA від 30.06.2017
Эффект Пети: последствия хакерской атаки. "Тема дня" от 29.06.17
Информационная безопасность. Информация как инструмент влияния на общество.
Анализ благонадежности бизнес-партнеров в Украине
Анализ благонадежности зарубежных бизнес-партнеров
Анализ деловой репутации контрагентов (Елена Ткаченко)
Анализ зарубежного партнера / клиента (деловая репутация, платежеспособность, деловая активность, др.). Необходимость проверки зарубежного партнера. Анализ деловой репутации компании.
Безопасная сделка - комплекс услуг по обеспечению безопасности бизнес-сделок и предоставлению аналитической информации о потенциальных контрагентах
Безопасность банков при работе с заемщиками (Елена Ткаченко)
Выход на зарубежные рынки (Елена Ткаченко)
Выход украинских продуктов на европейский рынок 
Етика і аналітика міжнародного бізнесу. Без поетики та політики
Информационная безопасность 
Інвестиційна привабливість України
Інформаційні війни
Кібербезпека та інформаційний простір
Кібербезпека України
Методы работы аналитических компаний
Необходимость профессиональной аналитики,  конкуренты, честная и нечестная борьба с конкурентами и неприятности, которые могут поджидать каждого бизнесмена на незнакомом рынке.
О проблеме закрытия российского рынка для украинских производителей
Офшоры. Наднациональная финансовая система и круговорот денег в современном мире.
Проведение конкурентного анализа и разработка стратегии выхода на зарубежный рынок. Выход на зарубежные рынки. Разработка конкурентной стратегии - пошаговая инструкция.
Противодействие промышленному шпионажу: конкурентная разведка.
Форум по защите бизнеса. Секция 2. Методы и инструменты защиты бизнеса
Російська пропаганда. 25-й кадр.
Система защиты персональных данных в Украине. Правове забезпечення
Системы поддержки принятия решений. (Елена Ткаченко)


Using proven methodologies and effective business consulting, help customers strengthen their competitive position in the market by reducing business risks.

Our goals

The company SIDCON is the leading international consulting company with global resources.

The company Sidcon has unique patented inventions enabling precise identification of threats and development of methods of risk response and mitigation.

The company Sidcon is a member of many relevant organizations and associations , which enables it to solve a wide range of information and analytical problems both in Ukraine and abroad.

Our specialists passed relevant training in leading world states (USA, Netherlands, Great Britain, Japan, Switzerland, UAE).

Analysts of the company Sidcon give professional consultations to Ukrainian and foreign companies and enterprises, provide a full range of services in business analysis, including searching for assets, risk analysis, expert analysis of companies, competitive intelligence, reputation management and many other.

The company Sidcon is a member of Exporters and Investors Council under the MFA of Ukraine; member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine (CCIU), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kyiv (KCCI) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of London (LCCI), and an active member of the World Association of Detectives (WAD).

With the purpose of assisting businesses in counteracting commercial crimes and unfair competition, and participation in international anti-corruption initiatives the Bureau of combatting commercial crimes and corruption has been established in June 2016, which collaborates with head offices in London and Paris, and the head of which is Director general of the company Sidcon.

We have partners in North America, Europe and Asia, in the Middle East and Africa, Russia and CIS countries.

Sidcon analysts provide confidential and precise information only based on the customer’s priorities. Our specialists’ work is based on principles of individual approach to resolving problems of every customer taking into account all the aspects of the situation on a case-to-case basis. We find exclusive solutions satisfying needs of each single customer.

The company Sidcon assists its customer in nonstandard situations, including reputation management issues, through the network of links in government and business circles.

We tend to build long-term partnership relationships with our customers at each stage of their work – from generating ideas to optimization of the existing business processes.



The system of decision support and situation analysis ICEBERG® functions successfully over 12 years. It has obvious advantages over similar products, and it is designated for comprehensive solving a wide range of information and analytical problems for companies and banks.

ICEBERG® system  is multiservice one and it can be used for situation analysis in economic, social, political and other areas of activities of business structures, state and commercial organizations and institutions, parties, political movements, politicians and others with the purpose of decision preparation, making and support.


Content management of the system continues since 2000.

The system contains over 25 registers and over 4, 000 mass media resources

Why us?

All links of a company or businessman are easily tracked in one window, i.e. no need to make multiple inquiries or refer to several resources.

While working in the system, one can build multilayer “link trees” of the or businessman – open links between related parties and companies without limitations on link layers; “closed” links (currently inactive) will be also seen. Along with that one gets the opportunity of fact-based analysis of business standing, political views of a businessman, politician and more over the last 15 years.

The system allows you seeing not directly linked affiliated structures and hidden business or political links of a company or businessman up to the 9th level in the mode of displaying “indirect” links just in few minutes.

ICEBERG® system can be integrated in the information system of a company, or, optionally, ready-made databases can be embedded into the system.

The system will allow you to:

  • Check business standing of a counter-agent or borrower.
  • Check potential tender participants – related parties or companies.
  • Search for a prospective customer/partner meeting your criteria.
  • Monitor public figures.
  • Search for and analysis of hidden links and achieve other information and analytical tasks.

At present users of ICEBERG® system are subdivisions (departments) of companies and banks:

  • risk management
  • crediting
  • compliance
  • security
  • legal
  • marketing


Global activity__What do we offer?__

The outstanding feature of activity of Sidcon, LLC is compliance with European and global standards in respect to the quality of services. To achieve best results our specialists enhance their professional level continuously: they pass special training, participate in the field-relevant trainings and seminars, exchange experience with representatives of the professional community from various countries at international conferences.

Since 2004 the company Sidcon is a member of the most reputable international organization in the field of competitive intelligence and business security assurance - the World Association of Detectives (WAD). Director General of the company Yuriy Ivanovych Kogut is a member of the Board of Directors of this organization and he is WAD Ambassador in Ukraine. Other employees of Sidcon, LLC take active part in this Association, as well. Particularly, specialists of the company are regular participators of annual conferences of WAD, where they take part in discussions and courses dedicated to comprehensive security assurance issues. The remarkable fact is that such events are held by the leading world security specialists.


Annual conferences of the World Association of Detectives attended by specialists of Sidcon, LLC:




Moscow, Russia 


Las Vegas, USA 


Rhodes, Greece


Tokyo, Japan 


Zurich, Switzerland


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil




Hong Kong, China  


Boston, USA




2013 Rome, Italy

Annual security conferences “How to protect yourself and your business”. Moreover, employees of Sidcon, LLC speak at them, share their experience and best practices with participants of annual international security conferences “How to protect yourself and your business”. Such events are attended by directors of companies, chief security officers of various companies, organizations and public structures of Russia, CIS countries, Europe, USA and the Middle East. These conferences are hosted by the International Security Institute (UK).





September 03-09

Dubai, UAE


September 15-21

Rome, Italy


December 14-20

Brussels, Belgium


May 31 – June 06

London, Great Britain


May 02-08

Monaco, France

2011 September 12-18

Seville, Spain


May 1-6

Lisbon, Portugal

September 17-18

Barcelona, Spain

Besides the above-mentioned conferences and other events specialists of the company Sidcon, LLC take an active part in preparation and elaboration of security documents. Specifically, Sidcon, LLC is a member of the group of experts “Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs” (ULIE) for working out draft laws in the field of business security assurance.