Our goals

The company SIDCON is the leading international consulting company with global resources.

The company Sidcon has unique patented inventions enabling precise identification of threats and development of methods of risk response and mitigation.

The company Sidcon is a member of many relevant organizations and associations , which enables it to solve a wide range of information and analytical problems both in Ukraine and abroad.

Our specialists passed relevant training in leading world states (USA, Netherlands, Great Britain, Japan, Switzerland, UAE).

Analysts of the company Sidcon give professional consultations to Ukrainian and foreign companies and enterprises, provide a full range of services in business analysis, including searching for assets, risk analysis, expert analysis of companies, competitive intelligence, reputation management and many other.

The company Sidcon is a member of Exporters and Investors Council under the MFA of Ukraine; member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine (CCIU), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kyiv (KCCI) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of London (LCCI), and an active member of the World Association of Detectives (WAD).

With the purpose of assisting businesses in counteracting commercial crimes and unfair competition, and participation in international anti-corruption initiatives the Bureau of combatting commercial crimes and corruption has been established in June 2016, which collaborates with head offices in London and Paris, and the head of which is Director general of the company Sidcon.

We have partners in North America, Europe and Asia, in the Middle East and Africa, Russia and CIS countries.

Sidcon analysts provide confidential and precise information only based on the customer’s priorities. Our specialists’ work is based on principles of individual approach to resolving problems of every customer taking into account all the aspects of the situation on a case-to-case basis. We find exclusive solutions satisfying needs of each single customer.

The company Sidcon assists its customer in nonstandard situations, including reputation management issues, through the network of links in government and business circles.

We tend to build long-term partnership relationships with our customers at each stage of their work – from generating ideas to optimization of the existing business processes.