carrying out CYBER AUDIT 




Carrying out cyber audits and providing cyber security in bank (company) will allow:

Our work does not require transferring of the information, which includes trade (bank) secrets


Our specialists and experts in this area have more than 20 years of experience in building security systems for banks and enterprises

Provide understanding of cyber security questions for bank (company) administration and its staff
Develop appropriate corrective and preventive decisions in order to improve the state of informational and cyber security and formation of effective ISMS in a bank (company), particularly develop key recommendations concerning improvement of the management system and provision of informational and cyber security of the bank (company)
Development of technologies, that allow a bank (company) carry out cyber audits independently and building cyber security system of the organization
Constantly monitor and estimate the risks of activities, taking into account the goals of a business
Effectively reveal the most critical business risks and lover the probability of their occurrence
Effectively develop, implement and test plans for business restoration
Lower the risks of raider and other harmful seizures for a bank (company)
Provide increase of the reputation and market attractiveness of a bank (company)
Optimize the costs of building and maintenance of cyber security systems, accomplishment of corporative security standards of doing business
Develop effective policy of informational security and provide its qualitative performance
Estimate the reliability, integrity and effectiveness of informational processes and cyber security of a bank (company) management

for a bank (company)

Specialists of the company have certificates of auditors ISMS according to the standard ISO / IEC 27001: 2013