of corruption risks



In the absence of a package of internal organizational and administrative documents on prevention, elimination (reduction) of the level of corruption risks in this legal entity, the specialists of the consulting company "SIDCON" can also prepare this package of documents in full.

Internal evaluation of corruption risks is aimed at minimizing the identified risks, increasing the transparency of the legal entity's activity, strengthening the control over compliance with the requirements of the established regulations, creating additional restrictions in order to reduce the likelihood of corruption by officials.
According to the decision of the National Agency of Corruption Prevention
No. 75 of 02.03.2017, item 9 of Art.2:
An entity must have at least every three years an external assessment of corruption risks by an audit, legal or consulting companies or by independent experts.




Conducting analysis and evaluation of internal and external corruption risks in the activity of the legal entity by the experts of the consulting company "SIDCON"
Preparation of the report on the results of analysis and evaluation of corruption risks in the activity of the legal entity.

Assessment of corruption risks

in the activity of a legal entity includes:




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