The entry of a potential investor into a new market is always associated with risks and is accompanied by a lot of information tasks.
Our company has 20 years of experience in the Ukrainian and foreign markets of information and analytical services and many years of experience in information support of investment agreements is ready to provide the highest quality analytics and provide a full range of information and analytical services for investors who plan to invest in the Ukrainian market:
  • Analysis of industries / markets / market segments, industry development forecasts;

  • Analysis of the investment attractiveness of the industry for investors, assessment of risks and prospects of entering the industry;

  • Development of a strategy for entering the selected market;

  • Analysis of the political situation in Ukraine / individual regions of Ukraine;

  • Analysis of the business reputation of potential counterparties;

  • Other investor analytics, researches and information for the investor that helps to objectively assess the situation in the industry, potential risks and prospects for the investor, as well as save his money and time.
We are competent in providing information for the investors from all key sectors of the Ukrainian economy:
  • Agriculture
  • energy
  • defense sector
  • mining industry
  • oil and gas production and refining
  • chemical Industry
  • metallurgy
  • engineering
  • forestry complex
  • construction and building materials
  • land market
  • financial system
  • health care, medicine and medical tourism
  • IT
  • other industries.
Reasons to work with our company:
  • SIDCON has 20 years of experience, and its experts have more than 30 years of real experience in the field of analytical support of investors in Ukraine, understanding how to invest in Ukraine and bringing foreign companies to the Ukrainian market, risk minimization and comprehensive security;

  • many years of experience working with foreign companies, holdings, state corporations;

  • our experts have a deep understanding of the situation in Ukraine (its regions, markets, businesses, etc.), the causes and consequences of making certain strategic decisions for Ukraine, the peculiarities of doing business in Ukraine, etc;

  • availability of a huge number of sources of objective information and own developed unique technologies for processing such information and conducting researches;

  • membership in the International Security Association (WAD), which for many years allows us to connect foreign independent sources of information and conduct international research and investigations;

  • a systematic and comprehensive approach to solving analytical problems, which gives the investor an understanding of the real, holistic, objective situation (market, political arena, individual enterprise, etc.), rather than its individual elements;

  • many years of experience in investment conferences, as well as teaching in the field of risk minimization, comprehensive security and analytical support for international corporations and companies.
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